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Allen en Hadiaty ontdekken twee grondels (2014)

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Allen en Hadiaty ontdekken twee grondels (2014)
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Gerald R. Allen and Renny K. Hadiaty: Two new species of freshwater gudgeons (Eleotridae: Mogurnda) from the Arguni Bay Region of West Papua, Indonesia, pp. 97-110


Two new species of Mogurnda are described from the Arguni Bay region of West Papua, Indonesia. Mogurnda arguni, new species is described from 80 specimens, 17.5-92.1 mm SL, collected from a small tributary of the Togarni River in the northeastern reaches of the Arguni Bay drainage. It is most similar to M. magna from the Triton Lakes (lying about 80 km southeast) and M. mbuta, from the Etna Bay region (about 120 km southeast). The main differences consist of a smaller head, longer pelvic fins, longer caudal fin, fewer predorsal scales and a much smaller size in M. arguni in comparison with M. magna. Most of these differences are also shared with M. mbuta, which exhibits pronounced modal differences in number of pectoral-fin rays (78% with 16 rays vs. 48% in M. arguni) and slightly higher number of rakers on the lower limb of the first gill arch. Mogurnda kaimana, new species is described from 38 specimens, 11.5-110.2 mm SL, collected from Lake Furnusu, a small mountain lake 15 km northeast of Kaimana. It is most similar to M. pardalis from the Triton Lakes but differs in lateral and predorsal scale counts, body depth, head length, interorbital width, pelvic-fin length, and caudal-peduncle length. In addition, preserved specimens of M. kaimana are uniformly dark compared to the lighter mottled pattern of M. pardalis.